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· 1 August 2016

Italian apples, kiwifruit and grapes for overseas ready now

royal gala

The main Italian season of fresh produce shipments for overseas is starting now and the commercial team of NCX Business is ready to showcase the best Italian fruit around the world for the next 7-8 months.

Talk to us to learn more about quality, packaging and brands we can offer to you on a consistent basis: we will be happy to help and discuss the best conditions for a programme of shipments you can definitely rely on!

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· 28 July 2016

Developing countries to increase cold chain investments


In 2014 India (139 million cubic meters) surpassed the cold chain capacity of the U.S. (119 million cubic meters), and became the largest cold chain market by capacity. In the same year, China (82 million cubic meters) was the third largest cold chain market by capacity.

These figures show the trend of developing countries in increasing cold chain investments, so to reduce food spoilage and ensure better efficiency and visibility.

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· 7 June 2016

Big data and fresh produce: complexity is an opportunity

fruit big data 3

The fresh produce industry has to manage the increasing availability of big data in terms of speed and quantity.

The features of big data are volume, speed, variety, variability and complexity in such a way that traditional analysis tools are not enough anymore.

They originate from corporate sources (ERP, CRM), from human activities (social media, etc.), from automatic processes (production, objects) and are managed through complex and interrelated databases.

Some examples are already in place in areas with direct or indirect influence on the fresh produce production and trade.

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· 15 April 2016

Overseas with your feet on the ground


Document management for overseas shipment can be a complex task: a minor mistake may lead to major consequences ranging from additional and unexpected costs to the loss of the cargo and failure to deliver.

The exporter must be in a position to supply all the necessary documents in due time, taking into account the legislation of the origin country and of the destination market.

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· 18 January 2016

Changes in the board of directors


After 58 years of activity in the Italian fruit and vegetable trade and 31 years of presidency in NCX Drahorad, by the end of 2015 our chairman Rolando Drahorad has made the step back  programmed for many  years favoring the election by the board of directors of Thomas as the new Chairman.

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