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· 7 June 2016

Big data and fresh produce: complexity is an opportunity

fruit big data 3

The fresh produce industry has to manage the increasing availability of big data in terms of speed and quantity.

The features of big data are volume, speed, variety, variability and complexity in such a way that traditional analysis tools are not enough anymore.

They originate from corporate sources (ERP, CRM), from human activities (social media, etc.), from automatic processes (production, objects) and are managed through complex and interrelated databases.

Some examples are already in place in areas with direct or indirect influence on the fresh produce production and trade.

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· 15 April 2016

Overseas with your feet on the ground


Document management for overseas shipment can be a complex task: a minor mistake may lead to major consequences ranging from additional and unexpected costs to the loss of the cargo and failure to deliver.

The exporter must be in a position to supply all the necessary documents in due time, taking into account the legislation of the origin country and of the destination market.

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· 18 January 2016

Changes in the board of directors


After 58 years of activity in the Italian fruit and vegetable trade and 31 years of presidency in NCX Drahorad, by the end of 2015 our chairman Rolando Drahorad has made the step back  programmed for many  years favoring the election by the board of directors of Thomas as the new Chairman.

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· 12 December 2015

Cribis D&B confirms rating 1 for NCX Drahorad


The global rating service Cribis D&B recently confirmed for NCX Drahorad the “Rating 1 – Most Reliable” score.

“The rating is based on the financial situation, the recent balance sheets and the creditor’s experience” announced Thomas Drahorad ” we would like to thank all the people working at NCX Drahorad and our clients who have been supporting us all this time”.

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· 4 December 2015

Talk to the Italian fresh produce trade

Myfruit: Italian web magazine

Hundreds of thousands professional players of the International fresh fruit and vegetable business in the world keep themselves daily informed by reading the leading print and online media network of NCX Media represents in Italy: 6 magazines, 10 professional websites, 8 international events (AmericafruitAsiafruitEurofruit, Fresh Produce Journal, Fruchthandel Magazin, Produce Plus).

With the Italian fresh produce media network of NCX Media, professionals from all over the world have now also a reference in Italy, using Corriere Ortofrutticolo, Myfruit and Mysnack to promote their products and services to key players of the Italian fresh produce business. 

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