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Shutdown in Moscow for fresh produce distribution

mercato Mosca Stupinski

The nationalist protest started last Sunday could lead to the final shutdown of Stupinski, the largest fresh produce wholesale market in Moscow.

The protest started after a 25 years old Russian men was killed, supposedly by a Caucasian. It developed soon into riots which are affecting the fruit distribution since natives of the Caucasus run many fruit business in the wholesale trade of the capital.

The importers are now seeking alternative solutions to run their storage and sales activities, which are supposed to pick up soon with major volumes of produce imported from overseas for the main winter season, including grapes, apples, pears, stonefruit.

However the lack of temperature controlled infrastructures and areas for logistics could lead to major problems and have an impact on the capacity of the capital to handle the required volumes properly.

(NCX Business)

ยท 16 October 2013