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· 19 March 2020

Let 50 varieties of seedless grapes from Italy surprise you



NCX Drahorad is in the grape business for over 30 years and is cooperating very closely with selected growers, spread all over the main Italian growing areas from Sicily and Puglia to Northern Italy.

These growers are key players in the Italian grape industry, and they grow up to 60 different seedless varieties, mostly part of the best global breeding programs including Sun World, IFG, SNFL, Arra.

Therefore, NCX Drahorad is in a position to grant a 7 months availability (from June to December) of selected varieties for the European and global markets.

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· 8 March 2020

Business as usual in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations

NCX Drahorad

NCX Drahorad guarantees to its customers and suppliers that it is fully operational during this period following the regulations in force to contain and combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In full compliance with government regulations we will all be reachable by the usual means (phone, mobile email, whatsapp, etc.).

Where possible we will work in smart working from home while there will always be someone who will provide the usual operations from our offices in Spilamberto.

We hope that the responsible behaviours we are implementing by limiting our movements will help to bring our country back to normal soon.

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· 22 January 2019

Innovation for blood oranges from Sicily


The blood orange industry in Sicily is changing: affected by a serious epidemic of the citrus tristeza virus (CTV Citrus Tristeza Virus) which has affected large areas of specialised citrus growing since 2010, many farmers have had to grub up infected plants. However this serious phytosanitary problem has also created positive conditions for the spread of varietal renewal, which is having a positive effect on the structure of the supply. The need to replace traditional rootstocks with new ones, tolerant to the virus, is therefore an opportunity to plant the new generation clones resulting from research by CREA – ACM (Research Centre for Citrus Agriculture and Mediterranean Crops) and the University of Catania.

Significant improvements have been achieved with the lengthening of the season (anticipating the beginning and delaying the end) and the availability of clones with good pigmentation also of the skin, as well as the pulp.

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· 21 January 2019

The man who invented sea containers


Every year 750 million containers (20″ equivalent) are moved around the world, with traffic doubling in the last 10 years.

But who invented this system, which almost completely replaced the ancient method of a few millennia of bulk storage?

Here is a brief history of Malcolm McLean, a trucker in the United States: one day had an idea that definitely revolutionized global transport.

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· 12 September 2018

Italian grapes are planning ahead

Varietal innovation, a new entrepreneurial logic, new generations of agronomists, greater and more productive skill and professionalism, new investment, a structured and competitive strategy: these are the strong points of an Italian table grape industry that is taking big strides towards a sustainable future on global markets.
Many of these factors are connected. The gradual shift from trade to production, which only began in earnest a few years ago, is seeing large operators distance themselves more and more from the traditional method of buying by the ‘block’ or by weight in the field, where the relationship with production is based on confrontation, on short-term speculation, on contracts that are often only worth the paper on which they are printed.
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