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TED: let these three food talks inspire you


TED Talk is an event that gathers the best world-class innovators to spread their ideas about big themes like art, technology, politics and more. We are going to suggest you a path that includes three of the most inspirational videos about food, with the intent to nurture a new culture based on a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet.

Our first suggestion originates from a thought that many of us had in the last few years. We all know the reasons underneath the choice of becoming vegetarian and this might have driven us to consider reducing our animal protein intake. Graham Hill’s solution is fairly simple: become a weekday veg! The consequences of this approach are revolutionary, allowing us to live a healthier life while reducing our ecological footprint and, why not, our expenses at the supermarket.

How is it possible to spread the food culture suggested by Graham Hill? According to Jamie Oliver, the change must originate from the foundation of our society: schools. In this talk, awarded with the TED Prize in 2010, Oliver highlights the fact that school canteens are run by accountants instead of nutritionists and that children can’t distinguish between an eggplant and a pear. Investing in food education wouldn’t only have benefits from a lifestyle point of view, but it would also have drastic consequences on public healthcare, now facing increasing obesity-related expenses.

Food is not only diet, it’s a comprehensive experience to share with others. Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche opened a restaurant in 2004, offering their customers dishes cooked in a new and bizzarre way. In their laboratory, they “dematerialize” and reinvent ingredients, letting us taste a futuristic cuisine. Some of the ingredients they use? Carrots, miracle fruit and liquid nitrogen.

· 28 February 2015