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Thank you Luisa! Enjoy, tomorrow is a new day!


Back in 1974 NCX Drahorad was not there yet, but Comunexport, founded by Rolando Drahorad, was already busy marketing fresh produce. In those days Luisa started as a secretary and her long career slowly made her into an experienced salesperson. Born in Vignola, her family was growing cherries, apples and pears. And she was also helping her parents packing the fruit in the fields. Luisa has seen many changes over the course of the years.

Why are we reminding these old days? Simply because on May 1st 2015 Luisa will retire. She will enjoy the family and a new life. “I feel very lucky and grateful: I had a great opportunity, to learn a job by practising it. I will miss all the colleagues of the the NCX Drahorad family.”

Thank you Luisa, enjoy!


· 29 April 2015