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Document management for overseas shipment can be a complex task: a minor mistake may lead to major consequences ranging from additional and unexpected costs to the loss of the cargo and failure to deliver.

The exporter must be in a position to supply all the necessary documents in due time, taking into account the legislation of the origin country and of the destination market.

These documents may include any of the following: Invoice, Packing List, Agecontrol certificate (for Italian origin), Phitosanitary certificate, Certificate of origin, EUR1 certificate, Fumigation certificate, Bill of Lading (B/L) or Sea Waybill.

Also the final customer (consignee) may have special requirements for the documents. In this case the exporter must follow strictly the instructions in order to completely fullfil the sales agreement.

Once the documents are ready, correct and couriered to the notify party, the shipment can be tracked on the website of the relevant shipping lines or through the indipendent service of

NCX Drahorad offers a professional service to all exporters looking to develop their overseas shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables via sea, road and airfreight.

· 15 April 2016