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Italian apples, kiwifruit and grapes for overseas ready now

royal gala

The main Italian season of fresh produce shipments for overseas is starting now and the commercial team of NCX Business is ready to showcase the best Italian fruit around the world for the next 7-8 months.

Talk to us to learn more about quality, packaging and brands we can offer to you on a consistent basis: we will be happy to help and discuss the best conditions for a programme of shipments you can definitely rely on!

Apples: the first variety will be Gala with the various clones now grown in Italy. There is a wide choice of striped or block coloured clones which will be available from the mid-end of August to February-March. In September we are planning the first shipments of Golden Delicious and Red Chief, while Granny Smith will be available from October and Pink Lady from November. Ask for a full calendar in order to learn more about our full range, which includes Fuji, Braeburn, Modì, and many others. Main packagings for overseas shipments are the 18kg (40 lbs) or 20kg (44 lbs) bushel box and the 12-13 kg double layer open top box.


Kiwifruit: the first early varieties (including Greenlight) will be available from September, while Hayward will be shipped from the mid of October through March. Increasing volumes of yellow flesh varieties will be available on a programme basis.

Grapes: Italy has a six months season of seeded and seedless grapes. While there is a worldwide trend towards seedless, some markets still prefer the bold seeded varieties (Red Globe, the muscat taste Italia and the black varieties like Black Magic and Palieri). Italy has however a large range of more than 40 seedless varieties, including the most recent varieties of the main international breeding programmes (Sun World, IFG, SNFL): the main commercial volumes available for the 2016 season are Superior, Midnight Beauty, Crimson, Scarlotta, Allison, Thompson, Sophia, Princess, Regal Seedless, Autumn Giant ((February 2018: we have been informed that the variety name Autumn Giant has been used for non licensed Arraone and therefore it is not legal).



All shipments can be equipped with the latest Sensitech technology for in-transit temperature control (including the recently launched TempTale GEO, a real-time temperature & geolocation datalogger). The NCX Control team will give you all necessary information and support about how to protect your valuable load.

· 1 August 2016