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Italian apple season starts for overseas markets

rayal gala apple isolated on white

Italy is the largest European producer with top quality apples, as confirmed at Prognosfruit, which recently took place in Hamburg. More than 2M metric tons and over 20 different varieties are grown in various regions, all to quality standards to satisfy consumer tastes across the globe. Italy is the world’s third largest exporter of apples, just behind China and Poland. Annual exports of Italian apples hit more than one million metric tons.

Main 5 varieties ready for international markets in the next 8 months

Now that the main export period is starting to overseas markets – including Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia and the Far East - NCX Drahorad and its commercial team are ready to supply the best Italian produce to the world. During the next 8 months several varieties will be exported to meet international demand, starting with Gala and its various clones. From the second half of August to February-March, NCX Drahorad customers will be able to order a range of Gala varieties, block coloured or striped. From September, the first shipments of Golden Delicious and Red Delicious will start, while from October our team will be able to supply Granny Smith, and from November Pink Lady.

Practical packaging and efficient logistics

NCX Drahorad pays special attention to packaging. For international shipments we supply in traypack of 18kg (40 lbs) or 20kg (44 lbs) and a 2-layer open box of 12-13kg. We use packaging to really present the best of Italian brands through attractive and unique designs. We do not just focus on top quality. For NCX Drahorad seamless shipping is also top of our list. Our team works across sales management and logistics to meet individual client needs and markets. We continuously track your shipment from the moment of ordering to the point of delivery. Our team ensures optimal transport methods are used (sea, road, air) according to the requirements of the client, handling documentation and ensuring correct temperature control. In addition, to maintain freshness and product quality, NCX Drahorad utilizes independent temperature control technology with the option to activate geo-location, an important feature for guaranteeing produce arrives fresh and at the highest quality level.

· 9 August 2016