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Let 50 varieties of seedless grapes from Italy surprise you



NCX Drahorad is in the grape business for over 30 years and is cooperating very closely with selected growers, spread all over the main Italian growing areas from Sicily and Puglia to Northern Italy.

These growers are key players in the Italian grape industry, and they grow up to 60 different seedless varieties, mostly part of the best global breeding programs including Sun World, IFG, SNFL, Arra.

Therefore, NCX Drahorad is in a position to grant a 7 months availability (from June to December) of selected varieties for the European and global markets.


For the next 2020 grape season we will be in a position to offer a unique range of seedless grapes, in a combination of high-profile varieties which will be available in all three colours and with a consistent and regular availability throughout a 27 weeks long season. The offer is particularly attractive in the late part of the season from September to December (from week 36 to Christmas).

In addition, Italian grapes will be competitive and unique to supply highly differentiated markets. In addition to a full range of usual and established green, red and black varieties, we can offer:


The opportunity to programme the late season seedless is based on hundreds of hectares of the main registered varieties which will be in production for the first time from this 2020 season.

For each variety we can count on different growers which grow in different farms and in different areas in the same region or in different regions, thus spreading the risk and having access simultaneously to different sources.

NCX Drahorad is in a position to arrange reliable and cost-effective transport for any volume from a single pallet on groupage to full lorries for road transport, and reefer containers or air-freight to any worldwide destination in all five continents. Please refer to our commercial team to make sure your market is included in the permitted destinations for Italian grapes according to the most recent protocols.

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· 19 March 2020